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Jamorphosia - AI Technology Solution

What is Jamorphosia?

Jamorphosia is an AI tool that uses artificial intelligence and a backtrack algorithm to split audio files into multiple tracks, each containing a different instrument. It offers several functionalities to musicians, allowing them to remove instruments from a song, isolate specific musical instruments, or even remove vocals from a song to create a karaoke version. The tool analyzes uploaded mp3 files and automatically generates a track for each instrument present in the audio.With Jamorphosia, musicians can easily create backing tracks or practice their individual instruments by removing unwanted elements from existing songs. The generated tracks can be found in the user’s library for later use. The tool offers different quality options for the generated files, ranging from basic to superior and maximum quality.Users have the option to use Jamorphosia without creating an account, but file processing time is limited to 1 minute. By creating a free account, users gain access to extended processing time.Overall, Jamorphosia provides musicians with a convenient and efficient way to manipulate and create music using artificial intelligence. It enhances the music-playing experience by allowing users to immerse themselves in the original music while practicing their instruments or singing along to their favorite songs.

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