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Inworld - AI Technology Solution

What is Inworld?

Inworld is an advanced Character Engine for AI NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that aims to enhance player engagement and immersion. This tool allows developers to create lifelike characters with complex behaviors that exhibit multimodal expression of personality. The Character Engine is designed to seamlessly integrate into real-time applications, with optimization for scale and performance built-in. Key features of Inworld include configurable safety controls, knowledge integration, memory capabilities, and narrative controls. Developers can customize the behavior of NPCs by adding custom knowledge, content, and safety guardrails to ensure that the characters stay in-character and within the logic and fantasy of their worlds.Inworld offers integrations with popular game engines and applications like Unity, Unreal Engine, Node JS, Web, Roblox, and Minecraft, making it versatile and accessible to developers across different platforms. It is optimized for real-time experiences, providing low-latency interactions that scale efficiently.With Inworld, developers can create AI NPCs that go beyond large language models (LLMs) by incorporating natural language, animations, emotions, and real-time voices. These characters can learn, adapt, navigate relationships with emotional intelligence, have memory and recall, and autonomously initiate goals and actions that are integrated with gameplay.The tool is applicable in various contexts, such as gaming, entertainment, brands and customer experience, and training and education. Inworld offers powerful and easy-to-use integrations, allowing developers to ship their projects faster and focus on delivering the best user experience and storytelling.

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