Optimize Customer optimization via data analysis.

What is’s AI-powered analytics tool allows users to easily analyze both qualitative and quantitative data using the platform’s built-in analytics dashboards. By harnessing the power of AI, this tool helps speed up data analysis and report generation. The tool offers detailed analytics dashboards for each project created, eliminating the need for third-party dashboarding tools. With’s analytics dashboards, users can gain powerful customer insights, optimize for higher conversions, and make smarter data-driven decisions. The dashboards include general performance metrics, breakdown per question, detailed views of all responses, and conversion funnels. Additionally, AI insights are provided to make sense of both qualitative and quantitative data, generating detailed reports in just minutes.The tool is particularly useful for organizations that collect data from quizzes, surveys, forms, and calculators, as it allows them to turn this data into valuable assets. Users can dive deeper into project performance and participant answers to gain valuable customer insights. The tool is designed to help businesses understand the overall performance of their projects and optimize for more conversions.The analytics tool offers a range of features, including general performance metrics, detailed participant behavior analysis, individual response analysis, personal data tracking (if included in the survey or form), and payment information (if applicable). By providing these comprehensive insights,’s AI-powered analytics tool enables users to make smarter and more informed decisions based on their data.

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