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Interior AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Interior AI?

Interior AI is an AI-powered app that provides interior design ideas and virtual staging for real estate listings. Using Artificial Intelligence, the app can detect the construction of a room (walls, ceiling, beams) and generate interior design ideas and mockups. It can also be used to virtually stage interiors in different styles, such as Chinese New Year, Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Contemporary, Midcentury Modern, Zen, Tropical, Industrial, Biophilic, Art Deco, Farmhouse, Bohemian, Vintage, Rustic, Japanese Design, Cottagecore, Coastal, French Country, Art Nouveau, Cyberpunk, Maximalist, Baroque, Christmas, Gaming Room, Ski Chalet, Sketch, Vaporwave, Tribal, Medieval, Halloween, Easter, and Neoclassical. Interior AI also allows users to upload images of their current interiors to generate ideas and mockups, with the option of creating high resolution or low resolution renders. For added privacy, users can upgrade to Pro and get their own private workspace and render HQ renders without watermark and deletion.

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