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Instanews - AI Technology Solution

What is Instanews? is an AI-powered tool that allows you to transform your Instagram posts into captivating news articles or blog posts for your website. Powered by, the pioneers of Autonomous Web Systems, curates, creates, and publishes engaging content directly from your Instagram feed onto your website. Using visual narratives from your Instagram posts,’s intelligent system extracts key elements and synthesizes them into well-structured, readable content. This tool helps you keep your website up to date with fresh content that mirrors the dynamic pace of your social media activity. With, you can improve SEO, boost engagement, and build a stronger digital presence. The one-click approval system allows you to have control over the content that goes live on your site, without the hassle of hiring and managing editors. It becomes your personal, highly efficient content creation team, ensuring your website is always buzzing with fresh, relevant content that reflects your brand’s voice. Subscribing to gives you access to automated content generation, with options for both WordPress and DG1 websites. For a monthly fee of $9, you can automate the process of turning your Instagram posts into engaging articles with features like smart detection, dynamic newsworthy detection, and email approval. Overall, is a game-changing tool for influencers, bloggers, and businesses looking to transform their Instagram updates into compelling website content and grow their online influence.

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