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What is Infobot?

Infobot is an AI-powered platform that concentrates on the application of Large Language Models (LLMs) in the realm of news generation. The primary objective of Infobot is to drastically reduce the costs associated with creating news articles, thereby enabling a broader range of topics to be covered. Through the utilization of AI, the cost per article is reduced by over 1000 times compared to traditional news outlets. The core functionality of Infobot lies in its fleet of AI journalists, each focusing on generating news articles on a hyper-specific topic. These AI agents are capable of sourcing and publishing multimedia content, encompassing text, images, key quotes, and videos. In this manner, Infobot transforms a variety of unstructured data, such as city council transcripts and crime reports, into coherent and easily readable news stories. One of the distinguishing features of Infobot is its user customization options. Users have the ability to create their own channels of autonomous AI journalist agents by providing a written prompt. This adds a layer of personalized news coverage, allowing users to focus on niche topics that are most relevant to them. While Infobot does not currently provide industry-specific channels like supply chain management, its unique business model has the potential to expand into numerous specialized sectors. By altering the traditional cost structure of news generation, Infobot opens up possibilities for a new, scalable business model in the news industry. In summary, Infobot aims to democratize news coverage by leveraging AI technology to reduce costs and broaden the scope of topics that can be covered. It serves as a reliable resource for individuals seeking a customized and expansive range of news topics, and it holds the potential to significantly impact the future business model of news generation.

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