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IMGCreator - AI Technology Solution

What is IMGCreator?

ImgCreator.AI is an AI image generation tool that takes a text description and converts it into an image. The tool is best suited for creating illustrations, anime, and concept design images. It can also be used to edit or update an existing image by erasing the part you want to edit and providing a new text description. ImgCreator.AI provides 9 free images to start with, and users can purchase additional images. Output resolution for free version images is 512*512, and for subscription users, the images are available in 1024×1024 pixels. Higher resolution images can be requested for printing or other purposes. With ImgCreator.AI, users get full usage rights to commercialize the images they create, as long as they follow the rules and terms of service. The images created by ImgCreator.AI can range from photorealistic stock photos to imaginative illustrations. The possibilities are endless and constrained only by the user’s imagination.

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