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Icons8 Background Remover - AI Technology Solution

What is Icons8 Background Remover?

The AI Background Remover is a tool designed to remove the backgrounds from images using artificial intelligence. It can erase backgrounds from various types of graphics, including logos, illustrations, lettering, signatures, and more. The tool allows users to drop or paste images in formats such as JPG, PNG, and WebP, with a maximum limit of 500 images. It also supports batch uploading for efficient processing.Compared to similar tools that are mainly focused on photos, the AI Background Remover goes further by working accurately with different types of graphics. It offers an option to compare its performance with other background removal tools. The tool is available as a web-based solution or as a Mac app called GoProd, which provides faster and more convenient background removal.Additionally, the AI Background Remover offers an API that allows integration into third-party products. This API access eliminates the need to outsource background removal tasks.Although the tool works well on most images, it may occasionally struggle with intricate details like hair blowing in the wind. Furthermore, it is important to note that the AI Background Remover does not alter the dimensions or improve the overall quality of the photos. For enlarging and enhancing photos, users can utilize the Smart Upscaler tool.The AI Background Remover offers a free version that allows users to remove backgrounds from three images. However, for processing more images, a subscription or prepaid package is required. All plans include priority processing, email support, and 60-day storage of uploaded images. The tool securely stores uploaded images, enabling users to access their image history and re-download files without requiring additional background removal processing.

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