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Huru - AI Technology Solution

What is Huru?

Huru is an AI-powered job interview preparation coach that helps candidates and students to ace their next interview. It offers a wide range of mock interviews covering nearly every career occupation category in the employment market and is tailored to suit the applicant’s specific needs.Huru has a comprehensive selection of features to help you better prepare for the interview, from generating interview questions from postings on popular job boards, to providing instant feedback on your answers.The app also provides speech analysis to help you improve your speaking style and intonation, and offers job interview tips to help you structure your answers and make a good first impression. Huru also provides live coaching to help you get over your anxiety and display better facial expressions and eye contact.The app records your interviews on your device, so you can watch them back to assess your performance and practice several questions. With Huru, you can be sure to prepare for an interview with confidence and have the best chance of getting hired.

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