Optimize Scalable voice-based bot for no-hassle interviewing.

What is Hirex.ai?

Hirex.ai is a no-code AI platform that enables businesses to quickly build voice-based bots to conduct and score interviews at scale. The platform offers a suite of assessments tools such as coding interviews, MCQ tests, hackathons, video interviews, and WhatsApp chatbots all under a single dashboard. With Hirex.ai, businesses can conduct more than 10,000 interviews in a single day with minimal human intervention. Hirex.ai’s voice bots for level one interviews are designed to address common bottlenecks in the recruitment process such as insufficient resources to conduct interviews, misunderstanding of skill requirements, inconsistency in selection criteria, and interviewer bias. The platform also offers AI-enabled talent management solutions like search and resume parsing, WhatsApp chatbots, AI proctored coding and MCQ assessments, remote interviews, and ATS automation. The platform is trusted by enterprises and startups and has been featured in Times of India, BusinessLine, Telangana Today, and IndianWeb2. Additionally, Hirex.ai has been awarded the most promising startup. Hirex.ai integrates with popular tools such as Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter, Outlook, and LinkedIn, allowing businesses to access its features with ease. The platform also offers RESTful API support for HCM or HRIS integration. Start your AI journey with Hirex.ai to stay ahead of your competition. Request a free demo today.

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