Optimize Podcast audience growth & cross-promotion insights
GRRO - AI Technology Solution

What is GRRO?

Grro is an AI-powered tool designed to help podcasters grow their audience through cross promotions. By using the podcast audience grader, which is powered by Echo’s Audience Graph, podcasters can gain insights into how well their podcast is performing within their target topics and compared to other podcasters. The tool offers deep audience analysis by registering the podcast feed and analyzing the listening habits of the audience. It then provides tailored cross promo recommendations based on the audience’s interests and topics they engage with. Podcasters can explore these recommendations and narrow down the ones that are most relevant to their podcast.Grro also allows for actionable campaigns by exporting recommended cross promo podcasts as a CSV file, which can be used to power up cross promotional campaigns.One notable feature is that the cross promo recommendations are always free, providing podcasters with instant opportunities to grow their audience. Additionally, the tool mentions that enhanced features will be available soon, although no specific pricing details are provided in the text.Overall, Grro offers podcasters a data-driven approach to understanding their audience’s interests and provides actionable recommendations for cross promotional campaigns, helping them grow their podcast and reach new listeners.

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