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What is GPTea?

The AI tool, GPTea, is designed to handle business communications and serve various stakeholders such as partners, customers, and employees. It allows users to train and fine-tune OpenAI ChatGPT models using their own custom data in three simple steps. With GPTea, users can create chatbots infused with their specific data, empowering them to automate internal workflows based on conversations.To integrate GPTea into their websites or web-based applications, users can easily embed the provided chat widget script. The tool also offers advanced reporting capabilities for monitoring and analyzing chat interactions.GPTea enables users to trigger internal workflows using Zapier by defining “User intents” and connecting to their existing systems. This allows for automatic workflow triggering based on conversations. Moreover, users can infuse their data or web-based information, such as knowledge bases or product lists, to ensure accurate answers from the AI chatbots.GPTea leverages the powerful integration of GPT-4, the latest OpenAI models, to provide advanced and next-level answers to queries. The tool also features a demo chatbot trained on movies released in 2023 and beyond, offering movie recommendations.GPTea showcases various use-cases across different departments, including customer support, sales, marketing, human resources, legal, procurement, product development, IT support, and operations. It offers functionalities such as generating personalized content, analyzing sentiment, drafting messages, summarizing information, and automating workflows specific to each department’s needs. Overall, GPTea aims to revolutionize business interactions by providing an AI-powered chatbot solution with customizable capabilities.

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