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Gistty - AI Technology Solution

What is Gistty?

Gistty is a Chrome extension designed to streamline the review experience on Amazon. It assists savvy shoppers by providing quick summaries of product reviews, making it easier to evaluate a product’s quality and relevance without wasting time. The extension offers brief summaries, critical insights, buzzword breakdowns, and cultural vibes related to the product being viewed. It simplifies the decision-making process by condensing complex information into easily digestible snippets.To use Gistty, users need to add the extension to their Chrome browser and then visit any Amazon product page. On the product page, they can check the summarized information provided by Gistty, saving time and effort in making an informed decision.Although Gistty currently supports only, the creators have expressed interest in expanding to other platforms such as eBay or Aliexpress in the future. The tool utilizes generative AI models like GPT and/or Claude to generate fast, informative, and ad-free summaries.The extension is offered for free, and there is no need for a credit card to install it. Gistty is positioned as a shopping companion that helps users shop smarter and unlock their shopping genius.Please note that this information is based solely on the text provided and may not represent the complete functionality or capabilities of Gistty.

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