Free AI Therapist

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Free AI Therapist - AI Technology Solution

What is Free AI Therapist?

Free AI Therapist is an online tool that offers a platform for users to seek support and talk to an artificial intelligence (AI) therapist about their problems and emotions. Utilizing this tool, individuals can effectively communicate with the AI therapist to gain insight and guidance for living a fulfilling life.However, it is important to note that in cases of emergency or crisis situations, it is advised to contact emergency services such as calling 911 or visiting the nearest emergency room. The tool emphasizes that it should not be solely relied upon for urgent situations.To maintain privacy, the tool ensures that chat conversations are not stored on their servers. Instead, the chats are locally stored within the user’s browser. Additionally, users have the option to clear their chat history at any time by clicking on the provided trash can icon in the top right corner.For enhanced user experience, the tool suggests utilizing voice dictation on mobile devices.Overall, Free AI Therapist provides users with a free and easily accessible avenue to engage in therapeutic conversations, enabling them to express their emotions, discuss their concerns, and receive guidance for leading a more fulfilling life.

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