Focus Fox

Optimize Improved calendar productivity.
Focus Fox - AI Technology Solution

What is Focus Fox?

Focus Fox is an AI assistant tool designed to help users manage their calendars and enhance productivity. It enables users to effortlessly create calendar events while conversing through a chat interface. By handling the administrative tasks of event planning, Focus Fox allows users to focus on their core tasks and reduce distractions. The tool extracts details from WhatsApp messages, confirms them with the user, and automatically creates events in Google Calendar. This seamless integration between the messaging platform and the calendar streamlines the process and eliminates the need for manual entry.With Focus Fox, users can stay organized and never miss important moments by quickly adding events to their calendar. The tool aims to boost productivity by reducing the time spent on administrative calendar tasks, enabling users to concentrate on what matters most to them.It presents a perfect blend of productivity and convenience, allowing users to supercharge their productivity by eliminating distractions. As a beta program, Focus Fox is currently free, and user feedback is valued to improve the tool. Additionally, the company encourages users to participate in surveys and interviews to further shape the future of Focus Fox.For assistance or inquiries, the Focus Fox team is readily available to help via WhatsApp. Overall, Focus Fox offers users an AI-powered solution to efficiently manage their calendars and optimize their productivity.

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