Optimize Enhanced backend management, queries, and vector search.
FL0 - AI Technology Solution

What is FL0?

FL0 is an AI tool that allows users to deploy backend applications and databases quickly and easily. With their next-generation AI technology, users can supercharge their apps and databases, enabling them to scale efficiently. FL0 also offers AI assistance, eliminating the tedious process of debugging failed deployments by providing personalized recommendations powered by AI.One of the key features of FL0 is its ability to enhance Postgres databases with cutting-edge innovation. Users can build and scale transformative applications with vector indexes and similarity search, resulting in faster and more efficient query execution times. FL0’s HNSW indexes bring 20 times the speed for 99% accuracy to graph-based approximate nearest neighbor search in Postgres databases.FL0’s tool, pg_embedding, provides a simple and automatic solution for storing vector embeddings and performing vector similarity search in Postgres. It offers benefits such as high compatibility with LangChain projects and the ability to scale vector stores without impacting search performance.Reliability is another significant aspect of FL0, as pg_embedding is open-source and actively maintained by a team of Postgres committers at Neon. With its blazingly fast search capabilities and amazing scalability, FL0 enables users to unlock new levels of efficiency in high-dimensional vector similarity search.FL0 is ready to support users in launching their next big idea, offering a free get started option. Their website also provides documentation, pricing details, case studies, and ways to contact them for further assistance.

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