Optimize Automated fundraising w/ secure deal rooms & emails.
Finta - AI Technology Solution

What is Finta?

Finta for Fundraising is an AI-powered end-to-end automated workflow tool designed to help companies in their fundraising efforts by providing secure and shareable deal rooms. The tool offers founders and investors the ability to privately share the deal room from a single link and includes every essential detail that investors need to diligence the company. The CRM uses GPT-3 technology to create personalized email scripts, helping to drive the funnel smoothly. Finta AI automatically utilizes the deal information to prospect for the best investors and displays them as investor matches. The tool provides investors with an extensive database of investors that can be filtered based on various parameters. Finta’s equity management capabilities include cap table management, supporting multiple shares classes, employee stock option pool, convertibles, warrants, and more. The platform provides founders with a quick setup option, enabling them to upload their pitch deck with as much or as little information as required. Finta’s secure deal room allows founders to share their link privately and invite interested investors to invest comfortably. The tool helps users track and improve the potential investors’ interest on their investor tracker CRM while also enabling seamless investment processing of fund transfers through ACH, check, and wire. Finta’s virtual data room allows secure sharing of due diligence documents, with real-time notifications, security permissions, and insights such as time spent in the deal room. The app offers a user-friendly experience, easy comprehensive, and a total game changer.

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