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What is Find lost vehicle?

FindLostVehicle is an AI-driven tool designed to help individuals locate their lost vehicles online. By utilizing vision and contextual AI, it scans Facebook marketplace postings in real-time to identify if the lost vehicle is being offered for sale. The process consists of four simple steps.Firstly, users are required to submit their contact information as well as detailed information about the lost vehicle through a submission form on the FindLostVehicle website. Upon submission, users need to pay a fee of $4.99 per report for the AI-empowered search service. Next, the tool searches the Facebook Marketplace postings using vision and contextual AI to find any potential matches for the lost vehicle.Once the search is complete, users receive a customized report via email, containing the findings of the search.To aid in the search process, users can upload images of the lost vehicle, providing additional visual information to enhance accuracy.FindLostVehicle aims to expedite the process of locating lost vehicles by leveraging AI technology. It enables users to overcome the burden of manually scanning countless online listings, and instead, relies on advanced algorithms to streamline the search. With its AI-driven capabilities, FindLostVehicle offers a valuable solution for individuals who are searching for their lost vehicles online.

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