Optimize Custom investment content delivery through audiovisuals.
Finclout - AI Technology Solution

What is Finclout?

Finclout is an AI-driven, personalized, audiovisual content discovery platform that aims to revolutionize retail investment strategy. The platform uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide personalized experiences to users, delivering expert-curated, audiovisual content that helps them make informed investment decisions. Finclout streamlines the research process and provides quality audiovisual information from trusted sources, making it easier for retail investors to stay ahead of the curve. The platform also offers contextualized financial news to help ensure that users understand the impact on their investments. Users can easily syndicate their content across multiple channels and stay on top of the retail investing game. Additionally, users are rewarded for their valuable insights, questions, and answers and are part of the DAO community. Finclout allows users to monetize their content in many easy ways, including a content-focused toolchain and omni-chain treasury. The platform is built on top of blockchain technologies like Solana, Cardano, Banano, and DeSo, and uses shares as units of work to generate payouts to users’ wallets. Finclout is a new type of financial social network that intersects retail investing, crypto technology, and creator economy, and is working towards a future of advertising-free investing.

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