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Fermi - AI Technology Solution

What is Fermi?

Fermi is an AI tool available as a Chrome extension that generates summarised reviews of hotels on MakeMyTrip.com. It is powered by OpenAI GPT-3, an advanced language model. With Fermi, users no longer need to scroll to the bottom of the page to read all the customer reviews in order to make a decision about booking a hotel. Instead, Fermi provides a summary of the reviews at the very top of the page on MakeMyTrip.The tool aims to save users time and effort by condensing the information from multiple reviews into a concise summary. By leveraging the power of AI, Fermi can process and analyze customer reviews quickly and effectively, providing users with a convenient overview of the sentiments and opinions expressed by previous guests.Developed by Param Aggarwal, Fermi is designed to assist users in making informed decisions about hotel bookings on MakeMyTrip.com. It is worth noting that the tool’s effectiveness relies on the accuracy and quality of the reviews it analyzes, as it does not independently verify the reviews. Fermi summarises and presents the review information in an easily accessible format, allowing users to quickly assess the overall feedback from previous guests and factor it into their decision-making process.

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