Fathom Podcast Player

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Fathom Podcast Player - AI Technology Solution

What is Fathom Podcast Player?

Fathom is a revolutionary podcast player that uses AI technology to unlock the knowledge within the world’s most engaging conversations. With Fathom, you can easily search within and across podcasts to find specific ideas, topics and information. The AI-powered search feature makes it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for. In addition, Fathom provides quick previews to help you decide if you want to dive into a long podcast. The app also has a “like tinder for podcastsâ€_x005F_x009d_ feature which matches your interests to popular and lesser-known podcasts. Finally, Fathom has an impressive 98% five-star rating on the app store, showing the high satisfaction of users. Overall, Fathom is an AI-powered podcast player that revolutionizes the way you search, discover, and listen to podcasts.

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