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Optimize Intuitive face editing and morphing.
Face Mix - AI Technology Solution

What is Face Mix?

FaceMix is an AI tool provided by Playform, an AI Art Generative Platform for Artists and Creative People. It is an easy-to-use tool for creating, editing, and morphing faces. With FaceMix, users can generate new faces, mix multiple faces together, or edit specific facial attributes. The tool also supports animation and 3D modeling.One of the key features of FaceMix is its detail-level control, allowing for precise edits and generation of new faces. Users can import up to four anchor images to mix together and choose from over 30 specific facial attributes to edit, including age, makeup, and expressions. FaceMix also enables users to create face morph videos by selecting key frames.Furthermore, FaceMix supports both illustrated faces and real face photographs. Users can even turn real faces into illustrations. The tool can be used for creating faces for 3D modeling as well, providing the ability to export and use the generated faces in 3D models.All artwork created using Playform, including FaceMix, is owned by the artist or user. By default, the artwork is kept private on the platform, but users have the option to share it with the community.FaceMix offers a free, unlimited, and easy-to-use experience, catering to both experienced photographers and users who simply want to explore and experiment with face manipulation.

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