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ExplainDev - AI Technology Solution

What is ExplainDev?

ExplainDev is an AI-powered code explainer tool designed to help developers understand code and upskill quickly. It is available as a Chrome and VS Code extension, with an additional Pro version available. The tool works to explain code in plain language and provides direct answers to technical questions in context. It also offers guidance on what to learn next. The Chrome extension allows developers to explain code and answer questions on websites like GitHub, Stack Overflow, documentation, config files, and learning sites. It also provides customizable tutorials that include explanations and code snippets, with all elements being fully customizable. ExplainDev has been praised by early adopters for reducing the amount of time spent asking questions, gaining confidence with new code, and cutting down time spent searching for explanations and tutorials. It is recommended for developers of all levels, from junior to experienced, and for any language or framework. It helps users to learn like an apprentice and quickly understand the logic behind the code.

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