Optimize Improved customer journeys via experimentation.
EvolvAI - AI Technology Solution

What is EvolvAI?

Evolv AI is an AI-driven experimentation and personalization platform designed to optimize customer experiences. The platform allows businesses to automatically discover, personalize, and serve better journeys for their users by continuously adapting to live user behavior. It provides easy integration into existing environments and offers a proven methodology for achieving rapid outcomes.Through Evolv AI, companies can analyze visitor behavior at an unprecedented scale and speed, gaining valuable insights that are acted upon in real time to serve optimized and personalized customer experiences. The platform utilizes the latest research in AI, cognitive science, and experimentation to provide expert support at every step.With Evolv AI, businesses can automate the complexity of testing multiple ideas concurrently and allocate traffic to experiences that outperform the control in real time. By leveraging live responses and behavior, they can continuously identify and deliver better experiences that increase the probability of achieving desired outcomes. The platform also offers executive dashboards for visualizing results, including identifying friction points in the user journey that impact goal achievements.Evolv AI is suitable for deployment across all digital channels through pre-built integrations and an API-first approach. It caters to various industries, including communications and media, consumer financial services, and retail and e-commerce. Trusted by companies globally, Evolv AI enables businesses to create intelligent digital experiences and improve customer satisfaction by leveraging the power of AI.

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