Every Anyone

Optimize Customizable avatars for a diverse, inclusive metaverse.
Every Anyone - AI Technology Solution

What is Every Anyone?

Every Anyone is a platform that uses advanced AI to create hyperreal avatars for individuals. Users can simply take a picture of themselves, and the AI generates a custom avatar that can be edited and saved for use across various platforms and apps. The platform is designed to allow users to own and control their biometric data, creating IDs for web3 content economy.Every Anyone is a community initiative, with a team comprised of AI artists, creatives, data scientists, developers, and machine learning engineers. The platform also features a collection of 10k AI-generated, fictional people that users can experiment with while waiting for the launch of personalized avatars. The platform also aims to operate ethically, with a belief in a diverse and inclusive metaverse that empowers individuals to own and safeguard their hyperreal identity and control how algorithms use their face and voice data. The AI tools used in Every Anyone are crucial to transform our unique realities into a virtual space at scale, ultimately contributing to building a seamless extension of physical reality. Overall, Every Anyone is a powerful AI tool for anyone interested in generating their own customizable avatars, exercising control over their biometric data, and contributing to the development of a hyperreal metaverse.

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