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EvaAI - AI Technology Solution

What is EvaAI?

EVA AI is a tool that offers AI-enabled Talent Management and Recruitment processes for HR 4.0. It focuses on engaging users in digital experiences of hiring. The tool provides a range of solutions for Talent Acquisition, including talent sourcing and candidate attraction, candidate searching and matching, recruitment marketing and candidate nurturing, as well as candidate screening and talent assessment, and candidate interview scheduling. EVA AI also offers solutions for Human Capital Management, including onboarding and training for new hires, employee engagement and support, talent search and job matching, internal mobility, and capacity analysis through workforce analytics. The tool combines cognitive technologies to build solutions for HR and HCM. It includes a cognitive product suite that leverages AI and machine learning to train EVA on people data while mitigating bias with ethical AI. EVA Bot, a conversational AI assistant, is also available, engaging with users across multiple HR use-cases and channels. Real-time insights are delivered through business intelligence reports and dashboards, and robotic process automation is utilized to automate manual and repetitive administrative tasks. EVA AI aims to transform traditional HR practices by providing a resilient, scalable, and adaptive workflow management system. It eliminates silos and leverages legacy systems’ data to enhance the company’s existing tech stack. Overall, EVA AI offers a comprehensive set of AI-enabled tools for talent acquisition and human capital management, aiming to enhance the digital experiences of hiring and HR processes in the context of HR 4.0.

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