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Enrol Chat - AI Technology Solution

What is Enrol Chat?

Enrol.chat is a tool that allows businesses to easily create a conversational chatbot for their website. The chatbot acts as an online sales representative, engaging with website visitors and helping to convert them into paying customers. With Enrol.chat, users can quickly build a chatbot using the provided features, such as a chatbot builder, white glove support, and Facebook Messenger synchronization. For those who are too busy to create their own chatbot, Enrol.chat offers a service where they can handle the creation process starting from $399.The AI-powered chatbot created using Enrol.chat is designed to provide customer service and support on a 24/7 basis, handling conversations with thousands of customers simultaneously. It can engage with prospects in dialogue, answer questions instantly, fulfill urgent needs, sell items, and nurture relationships intelligently. Enrol.chat also offers features to help businesses generate leads and serve customers better. The chatbot can segment leads and customers based on their actions and engagement levels on the website. Additionally, the chatbot can be seamlessly integrated with backend business systems through API integration, allowing chat users to access necessary information.Overall, Enrol.chat provides businesses with an effortless and efficient way to create a chatbot that engages website visitors, generates leads, serves customers, and integrates with backend systems, thereby helping to increase sales, reduce costs, and scale-up customer support.

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