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eMastered - AI Technology Solution

What is eMastered?

eMastered is an online audio mastering tool developed by Grammy-winning engineers and powered by AI. It aims to provide fast, easy-to-use, and high-quality audio mastering capabilities for musicians and music creators. The tool analyzes audio tracks uploaded by users and applies professional studio processes such as EQ, compression, and saturation to enhance the sound quality.One of the key features is the ability to compare the mastered audio to the original file, allowing users to preview and download the improved version in WAV or MP3 format. With a subscription plan, users can download an unlimited number of masters per month.eMastered utilizes machine learning to improve its mastering abilities with each song it processes. Its AI engine builds custom masters tailored to the unique features of each song, regardless of genre or style, providing professional results at a fraction of the cost of traditional studio mastering.The tool also offers an advanced mastering option, providing users with additional control over their sound. Parameters such as compression, EQ, stereo width, and volume can be manually adjusted, allowing users to achieve their preferred sound and save presets.eMastered also features an AI-powered reference mastering capability, where users can upload a reference file and let the tool analyze its sonic identity and apply that learning to their own tracks. This feature helps users get closer to the sound of their favorite music.Overall, eMastered offers a fast, easy, and affordable solution for musicians and music creators to achieve professional-level audio mastering results without the need for expensive studio rates or extensive mastering knowledge or experience.

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