Optimize Online market sentiment analysis for stocks and crypto.
Ellisense - AI Technology Solution

What is Ellisense?

Ellisense is an online AI-based market sentiment analysis tool that provides users with real-time and accurate readings of market sentiment across different assets and pairs in stocks, crypto or forex. The tool analyzes thousands of data points per second from various sources, including social media and foreign news sites, to provide users with valuable information on the latest market trends, helping them make informed decisions. Available in both desktop and mobile versions, the tool provides users with easy-to-understand charts, historical sentiment data, and an accessible social sentiment index to quickly assess market strength.Ellisense’s AI framework is designed to aid fast decision-making ability, which is essential in rapidly changing market conditions. The tool’s data sources are reliable and diverse, including news sites, industry analysts, and social media. Its spot rate data is provided by Twelve Data. ElliSense is integrated into some of the world’s top financial information and exchange platforms, giving traders and institutions an advantage over their competitors. ElliSense offers a 1-month free trial to customers and 24/7 support via email. ElliSense assists traders in complex decision-making processes by providing them with a clear understanding of current market sentiments for selected assets or pairs.

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