Optimize Auto-generated diverse avatars for video from text.
Elai - AI Technology Solution

What is Elai?

Elai.io is an automated AI video generation platform that allows users to create personalized videos with diverse digital avatars from text. It is a hassle-free way to generate videos at scale with real humans and AI, without the need for a camera, studio and greenscreen. Elai.io features 25+ avatars for video creation, a GPT-3 integration for script creation from scratch, an Article-to-Video converter for blog posts, and Voice Cloning for deep customization. It is used for Learning and Development, marketing videos, HR Onboarding, E-learning, E-commerce, Corporate Communications, Real Estate, AI Dubbing, AI News Generation and Cartoon Avatars. Elai.io has been praised by customers around the globe and is used by companies worldwide. It is free to try and users can get started with their AI video creation in minutes.

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