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Eggheads - AI Technology Solution

What is Eggheads?

Eggheads is an AI-powered microlearning platform designed to enable easy and engaging learning experiences through chat-based interactions. It offers a range of use cases for various training needs, including sales training, compliance training, refresher training, frontline training, customer service training, employee sensitivity training, product training, customer enablement, security awareness training, employee onboarding training, and knowledge checks.With Eggheads, businesses can ensure that sales teams are equipped to effectively sell products and communicate with customers, employees retain knowledge of rules and regulations, and training events are followed up with engaging chat-based interactions to improve learning retention. The platform also caters to the non-desktop workforce by providing native chat functionality on mobile devices.Furthermore, Eggheads empowers customer service agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences and promotes workplace communication and inclusivity. It helps customer-facing employees effectively communicate the value proposition of products and enables customers to learn how to use products, ultimately generating revenues.Additionally, Eggheads raises awareness for cybersecurity risks and strengthens cyber resilience through security awareness training. It also provides virtual “buddies” for new hires during employee onboarding, helping them reach peak performance. The platform further allows businesses to gain insights into employees’ knowledge through knowledge checks, enabling companies to tailor and shape their training initiatives accordingly.Overall, Eggheads offers businesses a chat-based microlearning platform powered by AI, enabling continuous learning and fostering meaningful change without the need for additional applications.

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