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Eficode - AI Technology Solution

What is Eficode?

The Jira Support Bot by Eficode is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance team efficiency and streamline issue management in Jira. It automates tasks and provides instant answers to common queries related to Jira. The bot serves as a helpful assistant, providing step-by-step guidance for setting up new workflows, assistance with custom fields, and simplification of complex tasks like permission schemes and dashboard creations. While the bot is designed to handle most queries, Eficode understands the importance of human support. Users can reach out to Atlassian experts for personalized advice based on their specific needs. Eficode’s Jira Support Bot aims to simplify the Jira experience for users, providing them with a friendly guide and expert support when needed. The tool helps users navigate the complexities of Jira, offering them clear explanations and making their job easier. In addition to the support bot, Eficode offers a full-stack subscription solution for all Atlassian tools, providing hassle-free support, administration, management, coaching, mentoring, and technical consultancy. The company has over 16 years of experience supporting more than 500 organizations across various industries and has received multiple awards as an Atlassian Partner of the Year. With Eficode’s Atlassian Support, users can expect support for all Atlassian products, including those deployed in Atlassian Cloud or Data Center, support for all Atlassian Marketplace applications, SLAs for support case response time, practical configuration and administration support, on-demand health checks, guidance on implementation and configuration, and on-demand assistance during installation and updates. Optional add-on services include Technical Account Management, which provides both strategic and technical support, helping users meet their long-term targets and guiding them at the business level.

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