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Optimize Speech recognition and synthesis through audio analysis.
Eden AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Eden AI?

The Speech tool provided by Eden AI platform offers easy access to a variety of speech and audio analysis technologies from top-notch providers. It includes speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionalities, which could be used for speech recognition and speech synthesis, respectively. The speech-to-text feature is used to recognize spoken words and convert them into text for further analysis. This feature provides asynchronous APIs, which allow requesters to be reminded when the requested resource is ready. Asynchronous requests are useful for maintaining the functionality of an application by optimizing application resources being used while a request is pending. On the other hand, the text-to-speech functionality enables you to generate audio from a given text while choosing the associated voice. Eden AI’s Speech tool is suitable for developers, no-coders, product managers, and AI experts. The platform does not specify the number of providers that they work with but emphasizes the quality of the technologies that they offer. A customer testimonial indicates that the Speech tool was used to automate voicemail handling by converting MP3 files into text and delivering them to staff as text messages. Overall, the Speech tool’s functionalities could be used in various applications, including speech transcription, voice command, voice-enabled chatbots, and more.

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