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Ebi - AI Technology Solution

What is Ebi?

EBI.AI is an AI assistant platform that offers businesses an intelligent solution to customer service and support queries. The platform is designed to handle up to 85% of routine enquiries from day one, and the setup process takes only minutes. The platform includes a range of features such as natural language processing, text-to-speech, and an AI-driven chatbot. Additionally, EBI.AI offers a managed service where the company can create and manage an AI assistant for businesses. The platform is also serious about security, offering an encrypted connection and secure storage of data. With the platform, businesses can benefit from happier customers, increased capacity, and lower costs. Customers can sign up for an account to use the platform for free, and the platform also provides a discovery call for questions about AI assistants. Finally, the platform offers real-world case studies to demonstrate the impact of AI assistants with stories from Mytime Active, Barking & Dagenham, and Legal & General Insurance.

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