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Dubbing-AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Dubbing-AI?

Dubbing AI is a free real-time AI voice changer tool that offers over 1000 distinct AI voices in more than 100 languages. It allows users to speak in any voice of their choice, enabling them to immerse themselves in various chat, social, and role-playing scenarios with their teammates and friends. The tool provides voice avatars from popular animes, games, and other sources, allowing users to communicate as different characters.With Dubbing AI, users can easily change their voice during live streaming sessions, adding a unique touch to their content and captivating their audience. The tool offers a one-stop solution for streamers looking to enhance their streaming experiences.To use Dubbing AI, users need to download and install the tool, which requires registration via email. The utility recommends using headphones for an optimal experience, as using speakers may cause sound interference. Users can set up Dubbing AI with their preferred app or web-based app by selecting the desired voice avatar and enabling the voice changer feature. Additionally, the tool provides a “Dubbing virtual device” option as the input device in the audio settings of the target app.Dubbing AI supports over 40 languages, including English, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, Indonesian, and Scottish, as well as local dialects. It also allows for various emotional vocal expressions, such as screaming, sighing, singing, mumbling, and whispering.

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