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Dubb - AI Technology Solution

What is Dubb?

Dubb is an AI-driven, automated marketing content generator designed to assist podcast creators in generating transcripts, show notes, social media posts, and newsletter content from their audio episodes within hours. Dubb converts podcast audio content into written and visual posts optimized for different platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and newsletters. With Dubb, podcast creators can grow their podcast audience through increased content visibility and audience outreach. Dubb requires users to sign up with their email before they can start using the tool. Users can try Dubb for a limited time for free before subscribing to any of Dubb’s pricing plans. There is the Creator plan that allows for ten hours of podcast audio turned into engaging content per month, the Pro plan that permits thirty hours of audio podcast converted into personalized marketing content, and the Enterprise customizable plan caters to enterprise podcast needs with more than a hundred hours of audio podcast materials converted into engaging marketing. Numerous testimonials from satisfied users attest to Dubb’s efficacy in saving time, eliminating headaches and automating the content creation process.

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