Optimize Retail & restaurant surveillance against losses.
DTiQ - AI Technology Solution

What is DTiQ?

DTiQ is a leading provider of intelligent video surveillance and loss prevention solutions for businesses in the restaurant, convenience store, and retail industries. Their tool, Loss Prevention & Intelligent Video Solutions, allows businesses to improve safety, prevent losses, and enhance the customer experience.With DTiQ’s tool, businesses can manage multiple locations simultaneously, thanks to Next-Gen Video Reporting. This feature offers transactional analysis, video management, and utilizes machine learning and AI to provide real-time insights.The tool helps businesses identify inefficiencies and predict and reduce fraud. It also allows for monitoring of the customer experience, with the ability to capture screenshots, share, and stream video all within the same tool-set.DTiQ’s tool provides peace of mind through remote SmartAuditsâ„¢. It offers objective insights that aid managers in improving performance across all areas of the business.DTiQ’s Loss Prevention and Intelligent Video Solutions are tailored to different industries, such as restaurants, retail, and convenience stores. The tool uses video, audio, and point-of-sale data to improve guest experiences, reduce waste, increase speed of service, and transform loss prevention.DTiQ combines intelligent video, advanced analytics, and expert services to provide a comprehensive performance improvement solution for over 45,000 customers in the retail, restaurant, and convenience store sectors. Their tool has been praised by customers for its ability to ensure compliance with safety protocols, such as enforcing the use of personal protective equipment and sanitization practices.

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