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Draup - AI Technology Solution

What is Draup?

Draup is an AI-powered platform designed for both HR and sales leaders. It offers deep insights and data to support workforce planning, talent recruitment, and skill development for HR leaders. With real-time talent data, HR leaders can understand industry trends, develop talent pipelines, and create reskilling strategies. Draup also provides insights on emerging roles, talent hotspots, and in-demand skills to help plan future workforce needs.For sales leaders, Draup offers sales intelligence tools that go beyond basic buyer information. It enables micro-targeting of prospects based on interest, technology needs, and outsourcing relationships. Draup provides detailed account reports, stakeholder mapping, and helps identify the right decision-makers for targeted sales strategies. It also helps sales teams explore new service provider opportunities across various industries.Draup is built by experts in AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP), combining AI-driven analysis with human curation. The platform offers hyper-targeted insights based on millions of data points, providing actionable strategies backed by up-to-date and validated data. Draup’s data is vetted by expert researchers and analysts to ensure unbiased information.The platform features rapid onboarding, ongoing support, and agile deployment to cater to changing needs. It offers near real-time data refresh, flexible delivery models, and predictable fees. Draup provides multi-channel access to its platform, custom reports, and data export/REST APIs for seamless integration into enterprise solutions.Overall, Draup aims to support talent and sales teams in making data-driven decisions and accelerating revenue growth in enterprises worldwide.

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