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Dore AI is an AI-based mobile SDK developed for iOS and Android developers. This tool aims to enable mobile apps to incorporate advanced AI capabilities such as thinking and seeing. It offers various products within its SDK, including Dore Segment, Dore Handtrack, Dore Deepstyle, Dore Hair Segment, Dore Soundplay, Dore Emotion Recognition, Dore Cartoon, and Dore Facesegment.Dore Segment provides image and video segmentation capabilities, allowing developers to detect human body contours and distinguish between the foreground and background in real time. Dore Hair Segment enables users to alter their hair by changing colors, designs, or adding images.The SDK also includes Dore Deepstyle, which offers real-time or post-processing style transfer filters for both images and videos. It provides 185 different types of filters.Dore AI emphasizes fast and accurate performance by leveraging machine learning and deep neural networks. It aims to deliver results with high accuracy rates while minimizing network round-trips and data transfers to the cloud. Additionally, the tool is designed to be lightweight and scalable, offering low-cost solutions for AI mobile app development.Developers can access additional resources, tutorials, and support through the provided website links. The tool also offers a free trial and various pricing options for licensing.

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