Optimize Automated social media lead monitoring and outreach.
Devi - AI Technology Solution

What is Devi?

Devi is an automated tool for monitoring keywords in Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit. It uses ChatGPT for automated outreaching to close more deals with less effort. Devi helps businesses save time by automatically monitoring posts and notifying users when high-intent leads are identified. Users can also use Devi to generate comments and replies, support and educate their audience, and offer help to win customers and ratings. Devi saves users at least 160 hours per month while increasing revenue. It is a browser extension that works for 24*7 to watch for alerts and detect posts that are relevant to users’ product/service. Devi also supports private Facebook group monitoring, which makes it easy for users to reach highly-curated audiences that are not accessible via ads. Devi AI is in the process of getting a patent for monitoring Facebook groups and other social posts using a browser extension. It offers a 14-day free trial without asking for any credit card information. Devi has already been trusted by more than 1000 companies, and it is an affordable tool for businesses.

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