Optimize Buyer personas for businesses & competitors w/ data.
Delve - AI Technology Solution

What is Delve?

Delve AI is an AI tool that helps businesses to create data-driven buyer personas for their businesses and their competitors’ businesses in just a few minutes. The tool offers three different options for creating personas: Live Persona, Social Persona, and Competitor Persona. The Live Persona option uses Google Analytics data to create personas for a website, while the Social Persona option generates social personas for a business’s social media audience. The Competitor Persona option allows businesses to create personas for their competitors using Delve AI’s intelligence data. Delve AI’s tool is quick, user-friendly, and provides valuable insights into audience behavior, segments, and evolution. The tool uses data such as demographics, values, hobbies, and more to sort the information into primary, secondary, and tertiary personas. Delve AI provides industry-specific insights for both B2B and B2C industries and allows businesses to gain clarity on their audience while leveraging group and user level views for insights. Additionally, users can refine their ideal customer profile with competitor data and combine it with insights from their desirable segment. Delve AI has a free trial option and offers different pricing plans for single businesses and multiple businesses. Delve AI is used by more than 7,000 businesses and agencies across the globe.

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