Optimize Computer vision apps with auto-label and model eval.
Datature - AI Technology Solution

What is Datature?

Datature is a comprehensive AI vision platform that enables teams and enterprises to efficiently build computer vision applications without code. The platform consists of three components: Nexus, IntelliBrush, and Portal. Nexus is the core platform which allows users to collaborate, annotate, train, and deploy multiple computer vision models on a single no-code platform. IntelliBrush is an AI-assisted labelling tool that enables users to quickly and easily create pixel-perfect annotations with a few clicks. Portal is a free open source platform which allows users to upload their model and drag and drop test images to evaluate performance and accuracy.Datature offers a variety of features and solutions to help global companies and teams launch computer vision products faster and better. This includes onboarding, managing, and keeping track of datasets and users, as well as compatibility with all model formats, rich open source community, seamless connection with Nexus, industry tested algorithms, and market validated insights.

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