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Cresta - AI Technology Solution

What is Cresta?

Cresta AI is an AI-driven contact center intelligence tool that provides self-service, live coaching, and post-call insights to help teams make every customer conversation count. The tool offers various solutions such as Cresta Agent Assist, Cresta Director, Cresta Insights, and Cresta Virtual Agent, designed to help sales, customer service, retention teams, and remote teams or WFH across different industries such as airlines, automotive, finance, insurance, retail, and telecommunications. With Cresta AI, teams can use real-time insights to drive results, uncover and act on critical business insights, increase agent effectiveness and efficiency, drive efficiency through automation, and more. The tool aims to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness with AI by helping teams build and follow bespoke playbooks that improve business outcomes and narrow the gap between top and bottom performers. Cresta AI claims to use AI-powered coaching and assistance that makes every agent a top performer, automates repetitive tasks, and finds answers quickly, and continuously learns and improves over time. Cresta AI is a generative AI platform that promises to surface and amplify behaviors that are proven to move the needle. It provides a suite of intelligent products designed to offer real-time customer intelligence that teams can instantly put into action, AI-enabled coaching, QA, and performance management, and automating only the right use cases while letting people handle the rest. Overall, Cresta AI is a powerful tool for contact centers that want to leverage AI to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

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