Optimize Optimized YouTube video titles and thumbnails.
CreatorML - AI Technology Solution

What is CreatorML?

YouTube Title and Thumbnail Combo Ranker by CreatorML is an AI tool designed for YouTubers to predict and optimize the visibility of their video content. The tool ranks different combinations of video titles and thumbnails to determine which will potentially receive more views on YouTube. With this information, users can decide on the best title and thumbnail to use to attract a wider audience. The tool enables users to enter video details manually or import them from a YouTube URL. Users can also generate similar video titles in multiple languages and tones of voice for their video content. The tool employs OpenAI’s GPT-4 to suggest similar video titles and filters out those with potentially offensive content. Users are charged credits only for the titles generated and not the suggestions that are dropped. CreatorML also features a Click-Through Rate (CTR) predictor, which helps users optimize their thumbnails to stand out and entice viewers to click on their video content. The tool calculates the average view percentage and predicts the potential number of views a video will receive before it is uploaded. CreatorML guarantees no other tool has had such a positive impact on YouTube channels. The tool is trusted by innovative YouTube creators such as Infographics Show, Promoting Sounds, and Astralis R6, who have reported increased overall CTR and visibility for their YouTube channels.

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