Creative Fast AID

Optimize Generated campaign concepts for NGOs and brands.
Creative Fast AID - AI Technology Solution

What is Creative Fast AID?

TRIAD Creative Fast AID is an AI-powered tool designed to assist NGOs and brands in generating creative concepts and ideas for their campaigns. Using AI models trained on TRIAD’s most awarded campaigns, this tool promises to deliver a comprehensive list of campaign ideas in just minutes. The output is a PDF presentation containing 15 ideas, inspired by common creative mechanics and TRIAD Agency’s successful campaigns. The presentation is sent directly to the user’s mailbox for convenient access.Developed by TRIAD, a member of the Devin Band, TRIAD Creative Fast AID aims to streamline the campaign creation process and provide valuable inspiration to users. It allows users to prompt the AI model by providing information such as the brand name, NGO name (if applicable), the product or service, and the cause the campaign will support. Users also have the option to indicate whether they would like assistance with the campaign, and TRIAD may reach out to clarify requirements if necessary.The tool boasts a fast turnaround time, with results typically available within five minutes. In the event of any technical issues, users are advised to refresh the page and try again. It is important to note that commercial use of the generated concepts may require prior consultation with TRIAD.Overall, TRIAD Creative Fast AID presents an efficient and AI-driven solution for organizations seeking creative ideas and concepts for their campaigns, catering to both NGOs and brands alike.

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