Optimize Assistance for understanding smart contracts.
ContractReader - AI Technology Solution

What is ContractReader? is a tool designed to help users read and understand smart contracts. With syntax highlighting, dark mode, and support for larger files, aims to make reading smart contracts easier and more visually appealing. Currently, the tool only supports reading smart contracts on mainnet Ethereum, with plans to support testnets and other chains in the future. If a user encounters a smart contract that isn’t working, they can tweet at the team, who will look into the issue. Additionally, the tool is constantly evolving, with upcoming features including the ability to write to contracts, testnet support, an audit tool, and more. The tool was created by a team of experienced developers and crypto enthusiasts, including a co-founder with a background in product development, and a UI/UX expert with a passion for designing elegant and practical software. Overall, aims to simplify the process of reading and comprehending smart contracts, making it a useful tool for anyone working in the field of blockchain development.

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