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What is Contify?

Contify News APIs is a tool that provides clean and granular business-specific updates through a REST API and Webhooks. It offers a steady stream of noise-free, structured, and machine-readable business and industry-relevant news to empower businesses. The News API can be integrated into apps to enrich them with reliable and easily readable news content. It is designed to be an alternative to Google Alerts, providing more precise and tailored information for businesses. The tool serves various functions within different industries. For strategy purposes, it enables users to spend less time searching and more time analyzing and driving insights. In market research, it allows businesses to deliver insights to clients in a branded and customized research delivery platform. Marketing teams can monitor and track competitors across their entire digital footprint, while sales teams can target new accounts, cross-sell, and restart conversations with dormant clients. It caters to industries such as life sciences, pharmaceuticals, IT/ITES, consulting, and BFSI, providing timely and accurate insights relevant to each sector. With Contify News APIs, businesses can access a range of resources such as blogs, case studies, webinars, templates, events, reports, videocasts, datasheets, API documentation, and metadata. These resources enable businesses to further enhance their market and competitive intelligence capabilities. Overall, Contify News APIs is a powerful tool that empowers businesses with relevant and structured news updates, helping them make informed decisions and stay ahead of their competitors.

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