Optimize Enhanced computer experience with assistant selection.
CompanionAI - AI Technology Solution

What is CompanionAI?

Companion AI is a tool that allows users to select between two AI assistants, Chat GPT and Google Bard, to enhance their computer experience. The tool provides step-by-step instructions on how to select and configure the desired assistant for use.To select between Chat GPT and Google Bard, users can right-click on the “spark ✨” icon located on the tray bar of their computer, which opens a menu of options. From there, they can choose the “Select companion” option to access the selector page.Additionally, the tool provides guidance on starting Companion Ai automatically with Mac computers. Users can navigate to the “apple ðŸ_x005F_x008d_Ž” menu on the top left corner of their screen, select “System Settings…”, and find the “General > Login Items” option. By clicking the “+” button under “Open at Login” and selecting the location where Companion Ai is installed, the tool will be available each time the computer restarts.Companion Ai can be easily hidden or shown by clicking on the “spark ✨” icon on the tray bar.The tool also highlights its update feature, where it automatically updates to the latest version, ensuring users always have access to the most recent improvements.Companion AI is developed by Mariz Melo and offers a user-friendly interface for users to optimize their AI assistant experience.

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