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Coactive - AI Technology Solution

What is Coactive?

Coactive is an AI tool that unlocks valuable insights from unstructured image and video data. It addresses the challenges of unstructured data by processing large visual datasets with speed and ease of use. Coactive’s unique offering is the ability to bring order to image and video data, making it useful for machine learning and data analysis. The tool enables analysts to quickly search visual content using a word or phrase, refine taxonomy, and answer important questions about visual data trends. Coactive’s Multimodal Search and Visual Analytics capabilities make it possible for analysts to detect patterns and unlock insights in large datasets. The UI SDK highlight Coactive’s ability to transform visual data insights into action. The tool is easy to use, with an API and Python SDKs that enable users to understand and monitor visual data constantly. Coactive offers a new superpower for machine learning, addressing the lack of metadata, required technical expertise, enormous volumes and domain-specificity of visual data to allow for supercharged data-driven businesses. Coactive is suitable for companies that generate a significant amount of image and video data and aims to access valuable insights.

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