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Clockwise - AI Technology Solution

What is Clockwise?

Clockwise is an AI-powered time management calendar tool that optimizes teams’ schedules to create more time in their day. It offers a new way of working with flexibility and focus. Clockwise utilizes AI, specifically GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), to design an ideal day for users based on their preferences and productivity patterns. The tool automatically moves flexible meetings, like one-on-ones, to the most efficient times and resolves conflicts within schedules. It also creates blocks of uninterrupted Focus Time by working across calendars, allowing individuals to be present when working together and focused when working independently. During Focus Time, Clockwise minimizes distractions by integrating with tools like Slack and Asana, ensuring a flow state and increasing productivity.Clockwise is used by over 15,000 organizations, including well-known companies like Amplitude, Asana, Etsy, Twitter, and Uber. The tool has received positive feedback from customers, improving collaboration efficiency and enabling better management of calendars. Managers can gain insights into their teams’ bandwidth and help set healthy boundaries through real-time analytics. The tool is user-friendly, simplifying the workday and reducing the need for constant calendar management. Clockwise is accessible through a free sign-up and offers features like a tour and demo to help users get started. It provides value by maximizing time, allowing users to focus on important tasks and maintain work-life balance.

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